Long Strip Floral Foam DIY Foam strip wedding flower arrangement 2m


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DIY Floral Foam strip wedding flower arrangement base cylindrical white stick solid round curtain flower ball sponge flower wall props

Product Description

·Name: DIY wedding flower arrangement foam base

·Brand: Angela Flower

·Material: Floral Foam

·Occasion:DIY Wedding/patry/home/hotel/Christmas

·Type: Decorative flower Row and table flower

Package: 1 piece foam base (without flowers)

 (Support custom , if you need other sizes and colors, please contact us!)

          Please Note:


       1.Because the packing size and other reasons, the shipping cost is not very accuracy, if you need other shipping  please contact us,we will give you best price, thank you

       2. Because each display or light will have a certain color difference, this is difficult for sellers to achieve no color difference, so please understand before placing the order, the color difference is not  within the scope of quality problems. thank you!


      3. because the branch is too long, we need bend it to package, thank you!

     4.In the process of packaging and transportation, it is inevitable that there will be extrusion deformation, and the pro-smoke can be slightly smoked and smoked by the steam of boiling water, and the flower can restore the flower pattern, and the flower can be directly inserted back when the flower falls off.